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Ease of Collaboration, Productive Learning

Campus Education Management System (CEMS) for Healthcare Group




Cost Saving


Our Clients is the largest healthcare group in Singapore. Formed in year 2000, the group is now managing 2 Tertiary Hospitals, 5 Specialist centres and a network of 9 Polyclinics

“As an Academic Medical Centre, the convergence of clinical care, education and research enables us to pursue innovations to deliver better and more accessible care to our patients.”

The Business Challenges

Non-user friendly platform discouraged learning

Students, Professors and the Administrator experience seamless login function when accessing all the authorized application.

Our Clients value a strong care network that allows students and educators to connect via a collaborative platform. To provide a seamless experience when accessing materials, they need a system to manage the students and professors use of multiple applications. The preference was to host the system on the cloud using their internal AD, but there is no VPN allowance from public cloud to tap on their AD.


in traffic

A  seamless experience to collaborative learning

Your wish at your command, after engaging with iZeno, they are able to integrate the on-premise data centre with the cloud.

The integration, which would take more than 

30 man-days to implement was completed within 

14 man-days. This productivity level has broughts benefits to our client in terms of time and cost, saving at 30%.

Our approach has enabled them to manage the users residing in different AD(s) domains with simple yet secure access to different business portal.

Complex integration is not an issue

Business objective 

increase in productivity

In Our Care


As a 


Sure, our Client's volume of database and applications can be overwhelming, but our team of certified professional has decades of experience practising complex integration. We offer Red Hat SSO as the primary solution that supports multi-tenancy feature adapted to our client's group of applications and the rest of the system hosted on cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology.

How did our client achieve their business objective?

The following services and solution were engaged:

  • iZeno customised solution stack for our Client
  • iZeno service of technology implementation
  • iZeno service of system integration
  • Red Hat SSO technology
  • AWS technology

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