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Away from the Conventional Call Centre  

Fostering a Long-Term Consumer Relationship with

Malaysia's Ministry

Our Client is an agency under the purview of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development in Malaysia. The Council is responsible for developing, encouraging, facilitating and fostering the economic and social development in the federation, particularly in rural areas.

“To be an outstanding organisation of trust, upholding the nation's pride.”

In Our Care

Call Centre is No Longer Trapped in Information Silos



With SugarCRM, iZeno aim to create a simple yet secure platform that assist them throughout their daily operational process of delivering call centre services. We want to equip users with the right tools so they can focus on driving optimal customer relationship management, instead of being drowned by the complexity of innovations. 

Poor Customer Support System and Internal Communication

As an organisation that acts in the interest of the people, it is a critical to handle the voices of the nation and respond to enquiries promptly and accurately.

Our Client has AVAYA, IP-PABX as the tool to facilitate their call centre. The absence of CRM system, however, meant that queries received via the inbound calls were not recorded in a proper and timely manner. They had to face the challenge to re-engage customer of their request and had to bear the consequences of lost customer inquiries and negative feedback, as a result. The objective of their call-center department to support their consumer was not met, and their KPI was a concern.

We innovate their call-centre process, resulting in an improved KPI with 110% increased in employee productivity rate, and 80% increase in customer service response time. 

iZeno has allowed them to operate under a managed workflow, allowing ease of optimising service and fully concentrate on improving customer satisfaction by meeting their needs promptly and accurately.

The Business Challenges


faster customer service response time

Deliver customer support promptly and accurately


Business objective 

Our Client experience acceleration in data processing time across multiple business units, allowing the reporting and self-service analytics to run simultaneously faster to keep up with daily ad-hoc consumer demand.

increase in employee productivity

Our Client trust our choice of CRM Solution, SugarCRM, which was further customised to align with our Client daily operational workflow. We ensure that the introduction of SugarCRM system as part of the digital transformation has not caused an operational efficiency gap among users due to the change in operational strategy. 

How did our client achieve their business objective?

The following services and solution were engaged:

  • iZeno service of business process re-engineering
  • iZeno service of SugarCRM customisation
  • iZeno service of technology implementation and integration for the following items

  1. SugarCRM
  2. AVAYA IP-PABX existing tool

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