Success Story

Redefining Ridership Analytics 

Enabling Cloud Ridership Analytics for a 

Singapore Multi-Modal Transport Corporation

Our Client is a premier multi-modal land transport provider, serving Singapore for more than 30 years. The corporation’s core businesses can be identifed as public and non-public transport operations such as rail operations, maintenance and engineering as well as bus, taxi and automotive services.

“We are committed to Service and Business Excellence as we strive towards our vision of Moving People, Enhancing Lives

In Our Care

The transportation industry in Singapore is fiercely competitive especially during the period of high demand. Companies such as Uber and Grab, have been fighting for similar market shares which sent a critical signal to our Client to take necessary action to remain competitive.

Our Client identified the need to provide their customer with an immediate response even during the traffic peak hours. To achieve that, they need to count on rapid analysis on wide-range of datasets to understand and address consumer demand in real time. The approach is especially critical as they operate on multiple business units.

The business goal, however, was challenged by the complexity of their data migration and its processing speed. These were the major contributing factor to their daily operational inefficiency.



High Demand and Fierce Competition

iZeno define a set goals in the project to counter the business challenges and align solutions with their objective

Engaging our service, our Client achieved their goal where all the existing reports and self-service analytics run simultaneously at a faster rate of more than 85% compared to the previous architecture. They are now able to gain access to consumable information and make an informed decision within a shorter timeframe.

The Data Warehousing process which took a lag time of 4.5 hours, has been effectively minimised to 1.5 hours. This processing time can be further optimised as and when our Client’s business demands.

Our solution has further allow our Client to take advantage of economies of scale. The recommeded cloud solution enable cost cutting on hardware, such as physical servers. The subscription-based model has allowed our Client to achieve more that 60% cost savings, which can be scaled accordingly, to the level of demand.

  • Minimise data migration complexity
  • Optimisation of data-processing performance 
  • Accelerate reporting capability 
  • Reduce infrastructure maintenance cost

Ahead of industry competition through operational efficiency

The Business Challenges

4.5 - 1.5hrs

faster reporting and 

self-service analytics


Rapid Analysis on Daily Basis


Business objective 

Our Client experience acceleration in data processing time across multiple business units, allowing the reporting and self-service analytics to run simultaneously faster to keep up with daily ad-hoc consumer demand.

data warehousing 

process (ETL)


Our Client chose our custom solution stack, designed to suit their business requirement of a Singapore Transportation Leader. Our approach ensured that our Client practice effective data governance on daily operational basis. Our defined architectured taylored to our their business needs means that technology implementation effectively create value to both business, and their consumer, at the same time keeping infrastructure cost at the minimum.

How did our client achieve their business objective?

The following services and solution were engaged:

  • iZeno solution stack designed for Singapore Multi-Modal Transport Corporation
  • iZeno service of technology implementation and integration for the following items

  1. AWS (Redshift, AWS S3, EC2)
  2. Spark Framework on AWS EMR
  3. Talend
  4. Visualisation tools, for insights generation from Data Warehouse

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